COVID-19 Honduras

Information for Guests

TRAVELLING TO HONDURAS (International Travel)

Travellers coming to Honduras must have:

– A passport valid for at least 6 months.

– Declare that they have no COVID-19 symptoms.

– Show documented printed proof of a PCR or antigen-negative result test taking within 72 hours of arrival in the country.

– Have in their possession a filled out a pre-check form, available online through the pre-check user guide. This form must be in hand, filled out, and completed before your arrival.

For more current information please check the Honduran Department of Health website.

Staying at Guava Grove

At Guava Grove we are working along with our guests to provide safe socialization with little notice to our environment. We do ask guests wear masks when appropriate.  We are following the protocol as rolled out by our government .  Our private garden area offers many areas to spread out.  We will be asking guests to use sanitizers and when amongst someone outside of your bubble to wear a mask. 

Guava Grill provides nourishing island home grown garden selections of iced teas, coconut dishes, fruits, veggies and other locavore selections including seafoods and meats.  Our delicious menu is conscious on building wellness and encouraging health.  Our natural island oasis is perfect for the time we are now living in.

Guava Grove Hotel rooms are sanitized and ready to receive our guests.  With modified housekeeping arrangements we are helping reduce the spread of COVID and helping keep Guava Grove COVID free.


Healthy meals and immune boosting natural beverages served daily

Large, spacious open air restaurant

Sprawling gardens with plenty of space to spread out

Small capacity hotel